Why You Should Install a Shower and not a Bathtub?

Kitchen and bathroom renovations, if done right, will add the most value to your house. And just like a kitchen restoration, the layout of your bathrooms is something you’ll want to consider if you’re seeking to upgrade it. If you’re limited on space or want to future-proof your bathrooms, you may consider eliminating the bath tub completely. Here’s why:

THE PROFESSIONALS of Setting up a Walk-in Shower
I’m a fan of setting up a shower more than a tub (I believe the pros much outweigh the negatives). In the event that you do decide to eliminate the bathtub, it’ll enable a state-of-the-art walk-in shower that’s sure to include value to your house. And with so many design possibilities, you’ll find something that meets your requirements without compromising on luxury and design.

Think about your future needs when renovating, particularly if you’re thinking about staying in your house for a long time to come. You don’t want to invest money on upgrading for the short-term and then realize it doesn’t meet your requirements later on. Renovating for convenience is key, as well as for that, a shower is a far greater choice when compared to a bathtub.

Energy Efficiency
When you’re planning for a renovation, you’ll want to consider energy efficiency and exactly how your brand-new reconstruction will affect your regular debts. Going for a shower uses less drinking water than owning a shower. By setting up an energy-efficient shower mind, you can reduce drinking water utilization by 70 percent. That’s a great deal of cost savings, both to the surroundings and also to your water services bill.

Curbless Showers
I really like curbless showers. You are able to install the very same tile throughout the whole bathroom floor. This will maximize your space and increase convenience without compromising style.

Point Drains
If you are installing a shower, take into account the floor drain. The sort of drain you select depends upon your tile selection and the look of your shower. It’s likely you have noticed the word “grate drains”. They are generally installed in the center of the shower stall. There are so many grate styles to choose from nowadays, you really can pick and choose someone to match your look. I’ve seen patterned, curved and floral designs. Grates look good (pun meant) however they provide an easy finish that mixes along with the tiles.

Have a look at the latest in shower fixtures. From a rainfall shower check out massaging jets, you can still get that relaxing spa ambience without feeling like you’re passing up on soaking in the tub. Also to help clean from the soap, I’d like a shower wand and a showerhead. Coloured lamps will increase that calming atmosphere and present your bathrooms that “spa-like” feel.

Creating Space
If you’re limited for space, installing a shower rather than a bathtub is an apparent choice. By scrapping the tub, you’ll have the ability to add a supplementary storage space cupboard or drawers, creating room to store towels or other bathroom essentials. You can even use the excess space to store toiletries and keep countertops clutter-free. Or put in a laundry hamper to the area for convenience.

Planning for a bathroom renovation is a large deal. Getting insight from a specialist designer and employing an established contractor will ensure the work is performed right the very first time. Weigh in on the professionals and downsides of choosing a shower more than a tub. Rendering it right means that your bathrooms restoration will meet your requirements for a long time to come.

If your bathrooms reconstruction involves the only bathtub in the house, you’ll need to weigh out the professionals and cons of scrubbing the tub to permit for a smarter design. Will having less a bathtub reduce the value of your house? A home with out a tub may charm to fewer purchasers. Have you got young children, or are you considering starting a family group? A bathtub is vital for family members with small children.

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