3 Great Ideas for Smart Home Upgrade

Help your house be convenient and incomparable outdoor entertainment with these essential systems for your home.

Given that we are well into springtime and the temperature is rising, it’s time to begin getting the home ready for the sunshine festivities. It’s also the growing season of springtime cleaning and home renovations, so you might be looking for ways to make your home a more relaxing, enjoyable spot to relax.

It’s time to really get your living areas in form for backyard enjoyable and make some helpful improvements by installing new home automation systems. Whether you’re a home automation newbie or want to boost your existing technology, we at SoundWaves will be ready to bring these convenient, powerful devices into your daily life. Listed below are three essential smart home automation improvements you’ll want for your primary Collection, PA, home this springtime.


Make the next get-together, backyard cook-out or pool party that much more fun with outdoor sound and video. This sort of system may take many forms, from a few loudspeakers linked to your existing home sound set up to a network of devices sprinkled during your backyard. If aesthetic purity is a problem, we can install audio speakers that merge with your yard’s features.

If you’re concerned about your Television or speakers suffering from the elements, dread not. Our outdoor TVs and speakers are built to withstand all types of weather, and the Televisions are extra shiny to lessen glare and keep maintaining image quality even on the brightest times. You will watch the overall game, enjoy your preferred movie or turn up your party playlist to make your lawn town entertainment destination.


Why when your backyard party stop because sunlight has collection? With outdoor light control, it doesn’t have to.

With outdoor light control, you can highlight architectural features or outdoor components of your home to showcase your home’s unique features. You can also use coloured LEDs to include some visible flourish to your outside aesthetic.

And undoubtedly, outdoor light control systems provide you with the same benefits as their indoor counterparts. You get simpler, centralized settings using your telephone, a dramatic upsurge in energy efficiency and the capability to customize your home’s light to a much finer level.


Installing motorized shades in your house is more of a practical improvement than a way to have more fun, but that doesn’t imply you should disregard what the unit have to give you.

To begin with, motorized tones offer huge energy cost savings. By establishing your shades to improve and lower themselves and change the position of the window blinds based on the position of sunlight, you may make the majority of the available sunshine striking your home to keep up a well balanced temperature. Less reliance on your HVAC system will lead to a substantial drop in your energy usage.

Secondly, motorized shades can improve your privacy and security at home greatly. Using automated schedules, you can arranged your shades to lessen automatically once you leave home to ensure no one gets a look inside. Or, if you’re on holiday, set your tones to modify themselves during the day to provide the impression someone’s still at home and discourage would-be thieves. On top of that, the shades are all managed from one device rather than needing to adapt each window manually.

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